Vlogging Camera


Video blogging involves the recording of a video that conveys information that is similar to how a blog post is written. Vlogging is the short form, and the term has been in use ever since 2002, but it started to be more popular in 2005. Vlogging is used to deliver information, sharing of experiences as well as building a solid fan base.


Starting a video blog requires more than just the in-built camera on your laptop as you can use any primary built-in camera to get your work done. Hence don’t be discouraged as there are many good cameras to get you started, but you first need to know what to look for in a vlogging camera before purchasing one to ensure that your work is of quality.

Things to Look For in a Vlogging Camera

High-Quality Inbuilt Microphone

All cameras are equipped with a microphone. However, not all of them have a high-quality voice recording. Hence it is recommendable that you choose a camera that has a front-facing receiver to be able to project your voice directly. With such a camera you will be able to yield a better overall sound quality.

Video Recording Feature

It is crucial that your vlogging camera has an HD video recording feature. You should choose a model that provides a sharp video and clear one to be able to make good quality videos. However, if you cannot afford to purchase a camera that shoots at 1080p, you can get one that shoots at 720p and still gets quality without having to pay extra.

Image Stabilization

Optimal Image stabilization is essential as it prevents you from obtaining poor quality videos due to the movements involved when taking the video. A camera with this feature enables you to smooth out all the shaky parts and movements. Hence you can have clear image quality while recording.

Close-Range Lens

Before purchasing a vlogging camera, look at the lens of the camera. Since you will mostly be capturing your moments at close range. You should look for a 24 mm lens. This type of lens will offer better image quality and make it easier for you to record.

A Stand

A tripod or a stand will enable you to keep your camera steady when you are recording the video. Notably, this will allow you to get rid of any shaky parts that can ruin the quality of your video.

However, you can also use other objects to acquire support, but a tripod is recommendable as you can set the camera as desired to record.


Whether the content is a documentary of your life or for an audience like YouTube, having good quality content will always bring out your story. Hence invest in a good quality camera and before purchasing observe the outlined tips to ensure that your camera will not be a disappointment. As you will always have high-quality content.