SLO Kratom Review


Kratom vendors are not less than a blessing for people who don’t belong to Southeast Asia. Universally known, kratom is a medicinal plant belongs to Southeast Asian indigenous countries. Vendors from different countries running kratom business to export kratom products in different parts of the world.

Finding a reputable kratom vendor is a big task because many counterfeit vendors are selling low rated kratom products. But now, the SLO Kratom vendor is an authentic and reputed vendor of kratom products. SLO Kratom is a trustworthy source to provide you with qualified kratom products.

They started their business with the aim of providing the highest quality products along with excellent customer support service. If you find some best services such as prioritized kratom products, amazing customer service, and quick shipping on the same day then look none other than SLO Kratom.

Their test products, simplicity, and reasonable products prices are making this vendor among the top best.

Their standard can be understood by checking user reviews from their website. These reviews are authentic which users have rated after purchasing from them.

Like Amazon, no company provide customer experience great when it comes to shipping service. But SLO Kratom has huge customer response because of their shipping on the same day.

This company provides free delivery on each and every order without limiting customers on some fixed-price order range.

  • Don’t make any medical claim

SLO Kratom doesn’t claim to provide any medical states which state kratom products they offer to the people are not used to cure any ailment.

Moreover, SLO Kratom also states that kratom is not suggested for human consumption according to the FDA declaration about kratom.

They detailed each product with a note the reason for selling the products are for research purpose and botany related tasks.

What are the Products this Company offers?

SLO Kratom provides a limited collection of products to make the shopping experience of customers easy and adventurous. Their stock is never limited and the products never went off the air as they don’t want to lose their customers.

As kratom is imported from a long way through Southeast Asia, so many vendors get out of stock from their product collection. SLO Kratom is this aspect, never fails and keep their stock full with providing four varieties of kratom strains based on their colors.

  • Green Vein
  • Red Vein
  • White Vein
  • Yellow Vein
  • Green Vein

Green Vein kratom is a mixed breed strain which stands between red and white strains. This strain is widely popular among different kratom enthusiasts. SLO Kratom providing 50 grams pack of kratom powder for $24.99.


  • Red Vein

Red strains have been the strongest kratom variety which you can easily get from SLO Kratom a 50 grams pack for $24.99.

  • White Vein

White Vein is a good morning caffeine substitute. It may give you productivity which is essential to start the day

  • Yellow Vein

Yellow vein kratom is the rarest kratom strain that is not easy to find. SLO Kratom offers an amazing variety of yellow vein.